Peach seeds to treat evil qi

There was a time in the past when gui qi, or demonic influence, was an accepted cause of disease. Sixteenth century doctor and scholar Li Shi-Zhen, in Exposition on the Eight Extraordinary Vessels, reported a case in which an evil spirit invaded an acupuncture hole and made it home. With moxa treatment together with offerings of food and wine to appease the demon the condition was resolved. Li Shi-Zhen used tao ren (Semen Persicae), or peach seed in common parlance, to treat all kinds of demonic influence. Tao ren is an herb for moving blood and clearing blood stasis. It is quite commonly used together with other herbs to treat gynecological pain and pain from internal and external injuries.

(This is part 1 of a series dealing with gui qi.)P1130302

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