Chief acupuncture point for eye problems

Urinary Bladder 1, named Jing Ming, meaning Bright Eye, is located within the eye socket, but off the eyeball. It is useful for inflammation of the eye causing redness, swelling, heat sensation, and pain. Also for blurry vision, eye itch and twitch. Needless to say, needling has to done carefully. Its location is defined as a depression .1 cun above the inner canthus of the eye. One cun is the width of the patient’s thumb measured at the distal joint so this is one tenth of that. The safe way to exactly locate Jing Ming is not by measurement but by palpation. Textbooks recommend needling with the eye rolled down. Palpate the spot yourself and you will find that the depression is actually more open with the eye rolled up, and that is the right way to needle Bright Eyes. The patient in the picture is smiling because of the relief she is feeling.

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