Stone Medicine Along the North Rim

Kaibab, Toroweap, Coconino, Hermit Shale, Supai, the top five layers of rock formations created over 500 million years are readily visible at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Look around and you see the same layers in mountains near and far. Each mountain is unique, hewn and polished through millennia by fire, water, and other elemental forces.

North Rim, Grand Canyon. Photo by Lok-Kwan.

But each is created from the same materials and subjected to the same dynamics of change. Understanding the materials and the processes enables understanding of all. One can then imagine and marvel at the unique pressures and stresses that molded each formation. True understanding is more than scientific or technical. True understanding is an intimation of time, of beginning, being, ending, and never ending. Know the stars and you know humanity. Know the mountains and you know man. Just as glorious, just as illusive, and just as impermanent.

Healing can come only from true understanding. Life is potent material subjected to internal and external processes of change. Each person becomes unique but the original material and dynamics of the processes are the same.

Stones are medicine, Igneous rocks vibrate at the yuan constitutional level, metamorphic rocks at the ying nutritive level, and sedimentary rocks at the wei defensive level. However, all stones correspond with essence, the material basis of our life, the deepest part of our psyche. So, regardless of the depth of the disease or imbalance, to the extent that they relate to our basic makeup, stones may be be the most effective treatment.

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Lok-Kwan is a Licensed Acupuncturist in the state of Illinois. He is a board-certified acupuncturist and herbalist. He sees patients and teaches qigong in Chicago and Wilmette. Visit his website
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2 Responses to Stone Medicine Along the North Rim

  1. Ken says:

    This article is fascinating; also refreshing. Over the past 2 years i’ve learned and experimented with sound and material (rock) therapy in a quest to adjust some things. Some interesting effects happened and I believe the procedures helped bring my nervous system closer to equilibrium. Thank you for posting wonderful articles.

    • Lok-Kwan says:

      Thank you for your comment, Ken! I also studied healing with rocks and stones, with Daoist priest Jeffrey Yuen. He put it in the context of Chinese medicine.

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