Iron Crotch Qigong 鐵襠功 7

鐵襠功  tiě dāng gōng

Iron Crotch Qigong strengthens kidney function, boosts yang energy, nourishes essence, and benefits the constitution. It can help with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, male infertility, and aging.

Raising and lowering the testicles:

Sit comfortably and relax the whole body. Make the breath slow, long, smooth, and regular without straining while paying attention to the rising and falling of the abdomen.

Slip the index and middle fingers of each hand under the testicle on the same side. Breathing in, lift and press the testicles toward the opening of

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the pelvic cavity. Breathing out, relax the fingers and let the testicles descend. Repeat 9 times. You should achieve a slightly achy, distending, but very comfortable sensation. If it’s not comfortable, you are overdoing it.

Explore the opening first if you are not familiar with the territory. Start by placing the fingers of both hands around the lower border of the pubic bone, move fingers laterally and down to trace the circular opening formed by the boney structures. This is simply the opening where the penis and scrotum descended from the abdomen. Make sure you are pressing toward the opening and not the bones. (Sorry the diagram seems to feature a female figure, but you got the idea.)

This practice, as well as the ones described in Iron Crotch Qigong 5 and 6, nourishes essence, promotes sperm generation, strengthens life gate ming men and kidney yang.

This is part seven of a series on Iron Crotch. Although the movements appear to be simple, there are important subtleties that only reveal themselves in practice. Unless you are already well-versed in qigong, do not practice except under the guidance of an experienced mentor.


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