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Six Sounds

Liver   xū 嘘   xu Heart   hē 呵   he Spleen & Pancreas   hū 呼   hu Lung   sī 嘶   si Kidney  chuī 吹   chui Triple Burner   xī 嘻   xi

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Iron Crotch Qigong 鐵襠功 7

鐵襠功  tiě dāng gōng Iron Crotch Qigong strengthens kidney function, boosts yang energy, nourishes essence, and benefits the constitution. It can help with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, male infertility, and aging. Raising and lowering the testicles: Sit comfortably and relax the whole … Continue reading

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‘Obtaining the qi’ 得氣 and ‘Arrival of the qi’ 氣至

Two Chinese terms are involved here: 得氣 ‘de qi‘, obtaining the qi, and 氣至 ‘qi zhi‘, arrival of the qi. In current Chinese TCM practice, no differentiation is made between the two. ‘De qi‘ is generally regarded as essential to effective acupuncture. Qi is … Continue reading

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How long do the needles stay in?

Ling Shu Ch 15 delineates the warp and woof of heaven, earth, and humanity: The 28 constellations correspond to the 28 primary meridians. The total length of the 28 meridians is 1,620 cun. Ying qi travels 6 cun in the meridians … Continue reading

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