Iron Crotch Qigong 5

鐵襠功  tiě dāng gōng

Iron Crotch Qigong strengthens kidney function, boosts yang energy, nourishes essence, and benefits the constitution. It can help with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, male infertility, and aging.

Kneading the Testicles: Enlivening Essence

Sit comfortably and relax the whole body. Make the breath slow, long, smooth, and regular without straining while paying attention to the rising and falling of the abdomen.

Closed Grip (Image from From Wikipedia)

Grasp the root of the scrotum with right hand with the thumb on top and the other four fingers underneath. In this position, the grip is on the root of the scrotal sac with the testicles protruding in front of the thumb and index finger. The penis is on top of the thumb. Apply firm pressure but without causing discomfort. Cup the left hand around the left testicle. Focus intention on the center of the palm and knead the testicle 81 times with a circular motion, breathing naturally. You should achieve a slightly achy, distending, but very comfortable sensation. If it’s not comfortable, you are overdoing it. Change hands and knead the right testicle 81 times.

Diagram from Wikimedia Commons

The grip made with the thumb and the index finger is called the tiger’s mouth. This movement ability is unique to humans (some primates can approximate), and is enabled by the energetics of a powerful qi mobilizing acupoint: he gu LI-4. The tiger’s mouth grip is strengthening and invigorating.

The acupoint at the center of the palm is lao gong P-8, one of the most important points for transmitting qi in qigong practice.

This is part five of a series on Iron Crotch. Although the movements appear to be simple, there are important subtleties that only reveal themselves in practice. Unless you are already well-versed in qigong, do not practice except under the guidance of an experienced mentor.


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