Acupuncture Help for Scoliosis

Scoliosis is differentiated as functional or structural. It is functional when the curvature is caused by contracted muscles and the spine itself is intact. It is structural when the spinal bones themselves are involved. Functional scoliosis is easier to treat but even structural scoliosis is treatable because bones are in a continual process of renewal.

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Clinically, structural scoliosis always involve a functional element. The curvature of the spine throws surrounding muscles into imbalance. The muscles assume abnormal tonicities to maintain the functioning of the musculoskeletal body. This adaptive behavior can spread through the body. What started as a left-right imbalance soon causes front-back and top-bottom imbalance. The organs may also be affected because of the effects of the scoliosis on the spinal nerves. In Chinese medicine, there are acupuncture points along the erector spinae that are thought to have direct influence on each and every interior organ.

In my experience of treating scoliosis, the functional contribution is usually severe. This in fact opens up the opportunity to bring improvements to even hardened, congenital scoliosis. Treatment combines acupuncture with manual manipulation and focuses on relaxing the musculature and restoring balance. Very often, obvious straightening of the spine can be felt and observed at the end of a treatment. There is always some lapse back because the body falls back on its old ways. However, with continued treatments over a period of time, significant improvements can be achieved in straightening the scoliosis, and in the comfort and functioning of the body.

Reports on a functional and a structural case on my website

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4 Responses to Acupuncture Help for Scoliosis

  1. scott says:

    Hi my name is scott i have severe scoliosis and i had a lot of back surgereys when i was a kid im 24 years old im in pain constintley it feels like my back is gettin wors every day i im thinkin bout havin surgerey cuz my back has screws in it im fuzed top n bottom of spine its comin apart i wanna know if acutpuncture will help me cuz my back is fuzed.

    • Lok-Kwan says:

      Hi, Scott,
      Yes, acupuncture can help you. It can relieve the pain and relax the muscles in spite of the fused spine. I’m not sure what you meant by ‘screws in it im fuzed top n bottom of spine its comin apart’, but that may require surgical attention.

  2. reem says:

    pls I want ask if the ocupuncture can treatment the scoliosis 30 degree and the age is 16. Thanks

  3. Tangee says:

    I’m doing a case study about scoliosis. I was looking for other methods to help with scoliosis other surgery. Can you explain how acupuncture help with scoliosis ?

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