One Hand: China’s Living Treasures

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For decades I have been a fan and collector of One Hand Videos. This “is a video series composed of demonstrational and instructional titles. Both DVD and tape formats are available. It is dedicated to the preservation of the traditional martial arts of China. In the demonstration tapes the most famous Masters of China perform a variety of internal and external Kung Fu systems. The range of the instructional topics is beginning, intermediate, and advanced including Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Kung(Qigong), Pa Qua Chang, Hsing I Chuan to name a few. Aside from their archival value, the tapes in this series should be of interest to anyone curious about China, and particularly to any practitioner of the these arts.”
The quality of the martial arts presented in One Hands Videos is simply superb. Viewing any one of them will give you a better appreciation of the title “Master”. Please visit One Hand’s website:

Vincent Lynch is the man behind One Hand who produced this repository of treasures. I asked him to tell his story:

Part 1

Part 2


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