Iron Crotch Qigong 3

鐵襠功  tiě dāng gōng

Kneading the Navel: Warming the Yang and Dissipating Stagnation

Lie on the back, relax the whole body, make the breath slow, long, smooth, and regular without straining while paying attention to the rise and fall of the abdomen.

Place the left palm on the navel. Place the right palm over the left so that the centers of the palms are lined up. Knead the navel by rocking the heels of the palms left and right 36 times, breathing naturally. Do this slowly and intentionally, paying attention to the qi sensations under the hands. This practice strengthens the spleen and the stomach, and warms the yang – revving the metabolism of the body.

If you feel lumps or masses in the area, often right below the navel, they are accumulations of stuck qi or blood stasis. With the index, middle, and ring fingers, press and knead them in a clockwise circular motion, directing your out breath at these areas to open up the stagnation. Do this for five minutes. You will find that some of these masses may soften or even dissolve quite readily. Repeat this treatment often to get rid of stubborn ones.

Coldness and stagnation at and below the navel are signs of kidney yang deficiency. If yang is weak, qi is also weak. This practice is not only good for erectile dysfunction and constitutional weakness but also for frequent, nocturnal urination or incontinence, and for women many problems involving menses and the reproductive system.

This is part three of a series on Iron Crotch. Although the movements appear to be simple, there are important subtleties that only reveal themselves in practice. Unless you are already well-versed in qigong, do not practice except under the guidance of an experienced mentor.

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