Acupuncture for Easing Life Transitions

Treatment at the Levels of Blood and Bone

Life is about movement and transition. Physically our skeletal structure takes us through space; emotionally we move through our experience via the medium of blood. There is a saying in Chinese medicine: “When there is no movement, there is pain; when there is movement, there is no pain.” Musculoskeletal inflammation and rigidity, developmental, menstrual or fertility problems are examples of “pain” or difficulty in moving through common life transitions. Understanding and treating these problems according to their meridian sensitivities restores the flow and eases the transition.

Easing Transition focuses on the use of special channels called the Luo and Divergent channels. Luo-Connecting channels affect blood; Divergent channels affect bones. If the Primary meridians are like the main highways of life these channels are like the side-roads and divergent paths. When the main highways are blocked we may need to venture on these roads in order to reach our destination.


About Lok-Kwan

Lok-Kwan is a Licensed Acupuncturist in the state of Illinois. He is a board-certified acupuncturist and herbalist. He sees patients and teaches qigong in Chicago and Wilmette. Visit his website
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